Swedes just love nature – Skuleskogen National Park

Do you know that 97 percent of Sweden is uninhabited? If you put together all buildings they would fit on the Scandinavian country’s 2nd largest island: Öland. That means there is a lot of nature to protect. National parks and nature reserves cover a 10th of the Swedish land surface. One of those Skuleskogen National Park, the pearl of the High Coast Unesco World Heritage site.

The Carnival that warms Swedish hearts

One time a year the Swedish city of Uppsala warms up by Latin music and dance. The Carnival of Cultures in May puts some light in the hearts of the people. The event takes two days and is currently in its eight year. Kulturernas Karneval is filled with concerts, workshops, a market and dance performances. Plus it has a lot of activities for children like a circus, a theatre and games.