Made by Magmar to merge with The Nordic Reporter

Made by Magmar is merging with The Nordic Reporter. After two years of a fun journey, the project will take a looooong sabatical as of the end of August 2019. So check out It’s already live now.

We, Dutch-born journalist / photographer Marcel Burger and Polish-born photographer Magdalena Pezdek, started Made by Magmar in Spring 2017 out of love for photography, travelling and story-telling. We wanted to find stories, in images and text. And we did. All the good stuff we’ve made has found its own spot at, where Marcel continues bringing travel stories augmented with his other work and joy as a journalist, Scandinavia correspondent and traveller. Magdalena continues her own projects too. Of course, we might join forces every now and then.

As of the end of August 2019 will automatically redirect to Looking forward to keep seeing you around!

/ Magdalena Pezdek & Marcel Burger

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