Italy: The Fishermen of Corricella

Getting up early pays off. Especially when on holiday. So, this Autumn I strolled from my hotel to Corricella, the oldest village on the Italian island of Procida.

Spending a quiet Saturday morning out of tourist season with the local fishermen is just priceless. They fix what needs to be fixing, prepare their small boats for the next fishing mission into the Gulf of Naples and as a passer-by it is just a great joy to be there … watching these men work makes you want to become one of them, to drop the camera – or whatever you’re holding – and carry on with your life as it was meant to be and as it has been for centuries.

In the footsteps of the Talented Mr. Ripley,
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Procida as an island is a gem worth every penny. It is much smaller than the pretty “girls-next-door” Ischia and Capri. That more tourists flock to these bigger islands is a blessing for those appreciating more closeness with warm, Italian village life.

It is for a reason many of the scenes of the 1999 film The Talented Mr. Ripley (view trailer), based on Patricia Highsmith’s novel, were shot just here on Procida.

Not that the fishermen of Corricella are thinking about that. For them getting up early pays off too, to do their business as usual – within or outside the reach of camera lenses. | MAGMAR |

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