Sweden: Gröngarnsåsen Enköping

After the last ice age ended the lands of Scandinavia were littered with what was left. The melting ice pushed stones together in long-stretching piles, called eskers, and they illustrate the landscape up to today – often living in disguise, covered with grass and trees – or sometimes as a bed of a railroad track.

Around the eskers one can often find water, as the melting ice found its way to lower grounds and made streams that still function in modern ages. One of these rullstensåser – as the eskers are called in Swedish – is found just south of the centre of the town of Enköping (Mapify): the Gröngarnsåsen.

From the clearings in the trees on the Gröngärnsåsen hill you look out over the lower wetlands – called the Dyarna – which turn into a grazing field for cows in Summer. Come at the right time and spot birds from the steady view tower at its southern edge, with the sun on your back to give you a clear view of the winged spectacle that envelops before you.

A wooden walkway has been put into place to let you make a round trip on your own feet alongside the narrow river canal leading to the big lake Mälaren. Whether you come in spring, summer, autumn or winter, the Gröngarnsåsen and Dyarna always treat you well. | MAGMAR |

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