Germany: Wunderschön Würzburg

Würzburg in the German land of Franconia is one of those cities that seems where you can feel at home easily. Beautifully located on the river Main, much alive thanks to its students and with some historic fairy tale character thanks to its castle on the hill and classic bridge.

The bridge as such is a wonderful hangout. On the eastern bridgehead you buy the excellent local wine and glass in the hand you walk up to a spot to chat with friends or colleagues over whatever keeps you busy.

Walk a bit on into the town at night and discover the intriguing cafés and “beer pubs”, some seem to be more built like cozy caves than anything else.

During daytime Würzburg makes an excellent city to shop, to discover the palace and the churches in the heart of the city, or to climb up on castle hill on the western river bank to have a coffee or tea – or your own homemade drinks if you bring them, with a splendid view of the vineyards and the centre below. Whehter your visiting in winter or spring. | MAGMAR |

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