Holland: Misty morning in Delfland

Nowadays we are all used of having a 20+ megapixel camera available if we want to, but 15 years ago that was still an utopia for the everyday photographer. So one morning, on the way to work, I just went off the main road, parked the car nicely on wet grassland and took the now obsolete HP PhotoSmart C945 compact camera to join me and the local fishermen.

Yes, HP was indeed once taking its own bite in the camera business and the 5 megapixel C945 I borrowed for a try-out was actually not too bad at all. Neither was the world this misty October morning.

Autumn was just settling in over Delfland and the village of Schipluiden. The faraway views of this farmland, a rarity in much urbanized Holland, were completely blocked by fog. It didn’t make driving easier, but it did provide such lovely photo opportunities that “sun hole” I composed in these images is something I can still dismiss easily. | MAGMAR |

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