Stockholm: before the real frost

Narrow alleys, old basements and cute shops. Stockholm’s Old Town is the oldest part of the Swedish capital and much a living museum. Only 10 minutes walk from Central Station one can step back in time.

Originally built from the 1250s to protect the country further inland against enemy naval forces and pirates, Stockholm has much outgrown the little island on which the Gamla Stan (Old Town in Swedish) is still standing proud.

Although the Old Town is a joy every moment of the year a bit of colder autumn weather really adds to the mystery feeling difficult to avoid when strolling over cobblestones.

From the shores of the island it is fun to catch the views of the surrounding islands and their landmarks. In the west the Island of the Knights (Riddarholmen), dominated by the iron church tower and currently mainly a place for law and justice as the Swedish High Court is located here.

Just to the northwest Kungsholmen, marked by the City Hall with the golden tower. Every year on 10 December the building is home to the chique Nobel Prize State Dinner, hosted by the king and queen of Sweden. Their work palace is just across the pond in the Gamla Stan.

So what are you waiting for and get to Stockholm’s historic heart and feel royal – even if it will be only for one day. | MAGMAR |

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