Gorgeous Granada: a perfect Arab-European blend

Spending time under the watchful eye of an impressive Islamic palace in one of Spain’s most beautiful regions is certainly not bad at all. Granada is for us just the spot to be in amazing Andalusia, a place where flamingo dancing, tapas and history seem to flow into one single stream of joy.

Granada is just a city to fall in love with and it must be the mixture of European and Moor history still visible today that has got something to do with it. Or that the impressive Sierra Nevada mountains form a dramatic background for streets sprawling with life and culture, before and after the afternoon siesta.

Around every corner in the Albaicín, the historic Arab quarter, a new surprise is waiting – with cobblestone streets, decorated walls and arches.

From the taste of Islamic culture it is a good walk to the “holy mountain” – the Sacromonte – where those who were cast away from “normal” society found a place to live. In the 18th Century the Gypsies turned the area into theirs, in cave homes on the hills with a curving river valley and lush meadows below. After the cave homes white houses were introduced, and more artists who decorated the place flocked here. Thanks also to the mountain views you feel a world away from the buzz of Granada’s modern city centre.

Coming back to that modern heart you feel it is difficult to say goodbye to gorgeous Granada. Because it is so alive! Taking it easy at Paseo de los Tristes is quickly exchanged for a procession on Plaza Nuevo and from there good food and a very tasty beer or wine are awaiting in the tapas bars in the proximity, of which Bodegas Castañeda has turned into a favourite of us.

We left Granada in the early morning to trek further inland, but not before throwing a respectful glance back at the proud Alhambra watching over us. | MAGMAR |

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