A Fast Flight to the Andalusian Beach

When snowball fights in the winter landscape of Scandinavia get boring, it is a good time to do something else. So in February we followed into the footsteps of two of our favourite vloggers, Swedish ski star Jon Olsson and Janni Deler, and took a fast flight to Southern Spain. We let ourselves be packed onto a flight of mainly pensioners, said hejdå to Stockholm and buenos días to Málaga.

The steering wheel of our rental car just turned left when approaching the city and soon we found ourselves on the edge of Southern Spain, looking out over the Mediterranean Sea. For a brief moment we took it all in … sand, sun, palm trees.

Too bad cultural hotspot Granada was beckoning us and with only less than 4 days to spend in awesome Andalusia, it was time to move on before the sun set down. | MAGMAR |

From the beach our journey continued to Gorgeous Granada: a perfect Arab-European blend

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