Delft, without the Pearl Earring

The city of Delft is known from its Delft Blue pottery, the University of Technology and painter Johannes Vermeer, famous for The Girl with the Pearl Earring. In creamy black and white this is my modest tribute. Images originally shot in colour with a compact cam and mobile phone.

A local hot shot started the city around a canal in the 11th century. A few hundreds years later the foundation of the current Kingdom of the Netherlands was laid here when William of Orange led the resistance against the Spanish occupation from the town.

By 1581 the town became the functioning capital of the new independent country, after the Spanish army did not succeed to beat the resistance forces. William of Orange was later killed in the hall of the Prinsenhof (see last picture below). With his death the tradition started to give the royals their final resting place in the New Church of Delft, its tower still dominating the skyline of the centre of the city today.

Delft is a lovely city to visit, with picturesque canals like in Amsterdam but without the crowds of people. Delft Blue pottery is famous. The Delft University of Technology is leading, its solar powered car has won the international World Solar Challenge race in Australia almost every year. | MAGMAR |

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